CBC "Condoned" Jian Ghomeshi's Sexual Misconduct: Report

According to a damning report released Thursday by internal investigators of workplace practices at the CBC, management at the Canadian broadcaster "condoned" the "intimidating, humiliating, hostile, or offensive work environment" Q host Jian Ghomeshi created.http://gawker.com/jian-ghomeshi-... » 4/17/15 9:52am Yesterday 9:52am

New Hampshire Girl Resurfaces More Than 10 Years After Vanishing 

More than ten years after disappearing, Mary Nunes and her stepfather Scott Kelley, who is accused of kidnapping her, re-emerged Wednesday afternoon at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. "It was time to come home," Kelley told People. He was arrested on non-custodial kidnapping charges by federal… » 4/16/15 3:09pm Thursday 3:09pm

New York Senator Dean Skelos and Son Center of Corruption Probe: Report

According to a report in the New York Times, a grand jury is considering evidence for potential corruption charges against Dean Skelos—the Republican leader of the New York State Senate—and his son Adam. » 4/16/15 9:21am Thursday 9:21am

Naked Flakka Freak Who Calls Himself God Fights Cop, Fucks Tree: Police

Kenneth Crowder, 41, was arrested by police in Melbourne, Fla. last week after his flakka high led him on a misbegotten, naked journey through a residential neighborhood, a reported brawl with a police officer, and an alleged "sexual act on a tree." » 4/15/15 1:48pm Wednesday 1:48pm

Celebrity Chicago Chef Homaro Cantu Found Dead From Apparent Suicide 

Homaro Cantu, the Chicago chef famous for his molecular gastronomy-inspired dishes at his West Loop restaurant Moto, was found dead Tuesday afternoon in a building where he intended to start a brewery. Police told the Chicago Tribune Cantu appeared to die of hanging. He was 38. » 4/15/15 9:08am Wednesday 9:08am

Furious 7's "Only Female Stunt Driver" Is Full Of Shit

Sulinh Lafontaine looks athletic and confident posing next to the Challenger from Furious 7. And why shouldn’t she? As she’s said publicly a number of times, she was the only female stunt driver in the blockbuster movie. There’s only one issue: that’s total bullshit. The only stunt she’s done is insulted the entire… » 4/10/15 5:30pm 4/10/15 5:30pm