Bill Cosby Is "America's Greatest Serial Rapist": Another Woman Speaks

Adding to the deafening cries of women who have accused Bill Cosby of abuse, former model Jewel Allison told the New York Daily News that the comedian drugged and sexually assault her in the late 1980s in his New York home. » 11/24/14 8:11am Today 8:11am

Two More Women Come Forward With Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby's never ending horror story continues: Two more women have shared their accounts of allegedly being raped by the comedian, one as an underage girl in Pittsburgh, the other when she worked at a Los Angeles talent agency in the 1960s. » 11/21/14 1:15pm Friday 1:15pm

Former Actress Claims Bill Cosby "Masturbated With My Hand"

Another woman has come forward and accused Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting her. Angela Leslie, a former model and actress, in an interview with the New York Daily News, claims Cosby forced her to masturbate him during an ill-fated night in the comedian's Las Vegas hotel room in 1992. … » 11/21/14 8:19am Friday 8:19am

Alleged Rapist Bill Cosby's Comeback Sitcom Killed by NBC

The fallout for comedian Bill Cosby in the wake of a host of rape allegations appears to have reached a zenith: His purported comeback sitcom for NBC, a source tells BuzzFeed's Kate Aurthur, is dead. » 11/19/14 1:53pm Wednesday 1:53pm

Netflix Nixes Planned Bill Cosby Special Following Rape Scandal

As accusations of sexual assault continue to build against Bill Cosby, Netflix has decided to shelve the comedian's one-hour standup special, Bill Cosby 77, originally planned to hit the streaming service Nov. 28. » 11/19/14 9:39am Wednesday 9:39am

Body of Brooklyn Woman to be Tested for Ebola

The body of a 40-year-old woman who died of an apparent heart attack Tuesday afternoon at the African Queen Hair Braiding hair salon in Brownsville, Brooklyn is being tested for Ebola as "an abundance of caution," city health officials announced. The woman returned 18 days ago from Guinea in West Africa, one of the… » 11/19/14 8:10am Wednesday 8:10am

What's the Grossest Thing You've Ever Done at Work?

So there's this video going around today of what appears to be of one fair-skinned 7-Eleven employee at work. One second, he's sitting in a chair, just kicking back. The next, his dick is out and he's masturbating. He's hard at work, etc. » 11/18/14 4:32pm Tuesday 4:32pm

Boarding School Raises Millions With White Guilt Marketing Scheme

In an intriguing new report by CNN, St. Joseph's Indian School has been "exposed" using less than honest sob stories and fake names in their letters to prospective donors—to the tune of $50 million last year. Turns out that "Josh Little Bear" didn't write you a letter begging for his continued sanctuary from poverty… » 11/18/14 2:48pm Tuesday 2:48pm